Seafair Log Boom Presented by Bud Zero
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Seafair Log Boom Presented by Bud Zero

Every year, Seafair hosts the largest floating party in Washington State on the legendary Seafair Log Boom during Seafair Weekend Festival. Boaters tie up to anchored logs along the racecourse between the flight box, providing them with the best views of hydroplanes racing and jets flying overhead. Experiencing the air show and races from the beaches of Lake Washington is remarkable; you can only imagine what it would be like from the log boom.

Log Boom Radio

If you'll be joining us on the Log Boom, make sure that you tune in to 88.9 FM the Bridge for Log Boom Radio, Mercer Island High School's radio station, where they will be simulcasting the races, air show, and other exciting events during Seafair Weekend.

Log Boom Registration

Register for the Seafair Log Boom today, space is limited.

Log Boom Sections:
Green - Stern Tie up to 23'
White - Stern Tie 24' - 40'
Yellow - Stern Tie 26' - 60'
Black - Broadside Tie Charter Boats Only - $70/foot*
Red - Broadside Tie 32' minimum - $80/foot*

Note: Shuttle Passes included with Black or Red Broadside Ties only.

Log Boom Map

Notice To Boaters

Special restrictions and local regulations have been established to promote the safety of these events for both performers and spectators. These restrictions and local regulations will be enforced by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Failure to comply with these provisions may result in expulsion from the regulated areas, citation for failure to comply, or both. The Log Boom is reserved for paying customers from 6:00 am Friday, Aug. 5th, 2022, through 6:00 pm Sunday, Aug. 7th, 2022.

Special Local Regulations

These rules are in effect during Seafair, and apply to Log Boom vessels in Zone 1 and all vessels in Zone 2:
  • Boaters proceeding to the Log Boom in Zone 1 or to any area in Zone 2 shall do so only at no-wake speed.
  • No swimming is allowed on the racecourse side of the Log Boom when hydroplane boats are on the racecourse.
  • Any person swimming or otherwise entering the water in Zone 1 or 2 shall remain within 6 feet of their vessel.
  • Vessels on the Log Boom in Zone 1 may group or raft up to 3 vessels total per Log Boom mooring.
  • Vessels in Zone 2 may group or raft up to 6 vessels. No tying to the floating markers.
  • Only vessels authorized by the Coast Guard Patrol Commander are authorized to tow other vessels including inflatables and other non-machinery-powered watercraft.
  • In order to maintain an expeditious evacuation route for official vessels, non-official vessels shall avoid transiting the Medical Access area. Vessels desiring to transit the Medical Access area shall only do so at right angles, and only when the Medical Access area is not being used for official purposes.

Recreational Boating Safety

  • Children 12 years and younger must wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets on vessels shorter than 19 feet whenever the vessel is underway and on larger vessels when on an open deck or open cockpit and underway.
  • When not required to be worn, PFDs must be readily accessible for every person aboard.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive. The maximum allowable Blood Alcohol Content is less than .08%. Where no capable operator is found aboard a vessel subject to a Boating While Intoxicated citation, the operator and passengers will be removed from the vessel, and the vessel will be impounded.
  • All skippers born after Jan. 1, 1955, must have and carry onboard a valid Boaters Education Card.

Log Boom Partners

Bud Zero
Log Boom Radio
Barghausen Consulting
Kona Brewing
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